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cerealia overflow

[ what it says on the tin! ]
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[ He definitely should look younger than him!! Though I guess it's good for Vaughn to not judge kids from their looks... Even if they're giving him odd looks. Giorno's not going to mention anything since he's trying to be subtle.

He'll let you have it even if you're not being that subtle, Vaughn.

We can, but we have to finish the game first.

[ It's a half win? ]
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Oh, right. That happened.

[ that he woke up in a bodybag, she means. ]

At least you're out of the bag now!
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What is he even hearing right now.

Just. Wow.]

Uh huh.

[He's just going to. Stand up now, and very casually move away, just a little bit.]

Rhys, huh?

[He'll have to remember that name as the name of someone to avoid.]

You know what, you can, you can actually go back to talking about me being dead, if you want. I think I'd prefer that after all.
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I'll be honest with you. I don't even think I know what dignity means anymore. [ He's joking. Mostly. More or less. ] Maybe we left it back at Helios.

[ Onward they go! Rhys wishes his hospital gown was too big on him. This thing is nasty and grubby, and man does he miss his shoes. It's probably safe to say that everyone does, when they're stuck in a situation like this.

Rhys is quiet for a moment or two before he asks the question that's really brimming in the back of his mind. ]
Are you sure you're okay? I mean, not that you're acting weird now, or anything. The last time I saw you, you were wrestling with Vallory.

They say pulling you here kind of messes with time or whatever, so, so I just want to be sure... [ that you're not dead. ]