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SOME POINT DURING TIME BUGS idek; audio; un: fiona

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Important question: are you currently acting insane?
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some nebulous point after bugs, text!

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Hiiii... sorry for calling you Angelo. That's not even like a good name, you don't even look like an Angelo. And sorry for being a dick. Sorry about all of that stuff, just consider this a blanket apology.
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12/22 | text | username: olivia

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[ needless to say, she feels terrible. vaughn had been nothing but sweet to her all evening, and then she goes and ditches him at the first instance of heartbreak, like a total selfish slob.

she dithers in contacting him the next morning, but she knows she must. she just wishes she could do it better... ]

Um... Vaughn? Can I speak with you?

[ knowing, though, that he probably HATES HER RIGHT NOW, she is quick to add: ]

But if you'd rather not hear from me anymore, I understand...!
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gently invades ur inbox, some point in the days after the winter ball

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Soooo did you talk to Olivia yet, or. [ OR ARE THE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE SMILEYS GONNA COME OUT!!! ]
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audio | username: olivia

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[ sometime after the dossier is released, and her subsequent disaster of a conversation regarding it with sonia, olivia finds herself phoning vaughn despite the tiny voice in the back of her mind that still tries to insist this is a bad idea. not only is it bound to end in disaster, the voice keeps telling her, it could also be incredibly embarrassing...!

she actually manages to convince herself out of it before the magitek suddenly prompts her to speak, which is why vaughn will first here this soft, strangled squeak. and then: ]

U-Um... [ shoot shoot shoot! she can't just not say anything now, can she? ]

Hello, Vaughn..! [ ... ] H-How are you...

[ please kill her. ]
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hella backdated audio...

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Soooooooo. Remember how I said I got a remote control helicopter for Mercenary Day?
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(woodhurst, during the first week)

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[ she... doesn't really look like the kind of person that has any business walking into an electronics store in the middle of the day, with her pale pink hair (what an amazing dyejob! it looks so seamless!), colorful bohemian wool sweater, and the garishly mismatched array of tie-dye and distressed jeans she's wearing, but she's there anyway, and despite her somewhat meek, mousy demeanor, she does appear to be on something of a mission.

it might have something to do with the neatly wrapped box in her hands. ]

Excuse me, [ she says in a soft voice, stopping a passing employee, ] I was wondering if you might know where I can— oh. Never mind, there he is.

[ she breaks off upon seeing vaughn, lips splitting into a wide smile as she lifts a hand to wave. ]

Honey bear...!

[ ... the petnames can probably use some more work. ]
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(woodhurst, also within the first week... lmf)

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[ despite the rather... eventful day she's been having, olivia returns home that late afternoon with her usual energy. in fact, there is perhaps a bit more of a spring to her step, a gleam to her smile, but certainly you would have those too if you had just discovered this fascinating thing called a slushie.

don't worry, vaughn, she bought two. ]

Vaughn? Vaaaaaaughn??? Are you home yet?

[ she's so excited to share her gift that she hasn't even bothered to shrug her coat off yet. or properly greet saffron, who happily climbs off his favorite couch to sniff curiously at the cups in her hands. ]
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text, un: LILITH | 2:40 in the fucking morning

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i cant stop thinkgin about how were up against tiny alien penises

they r actually

brain dicks
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[voice; un: METTATON]

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[Woodhurst has devolved into a waking nightmare. The hospital is overrun with injuries and the maternity ward can barely hold the amount of infected currently within its walls. The streets have become a never-ending song of sirens and screams.

There's no point in personally contacting any team member unless it's a horrendous emergency.]

Did you buy any makeup.
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action | who even knows when this happens, man

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[ sometime, in the middle of the night, olivia jolts awake.

she isn't even sure why, this time around, as whatever remnants of the dream or nightmare that had done it quickly vanishes from her mind with each bleary blink of her eyes. this night, she is one the floor, and so she makes little to no sound as she carefully sits up, tugging her blanket aside. reflexively, she looks towards her right and her left — saffron curled up on his couch, and vaughn fast asleep on the mattress. once satisfied by the steady rise and fall of their chests, olivia gets up to her feet, knowing sleep will evade her for a while yet.

deciding to do something with her time, she quietly pads over to the single table in the small studio, along the center of which is the makeshift terrarium they'd fashioned for vaughn's hermit crab, dumpy jr. with sleep still hanging off of her, she makes a vain attempt to push some of her wild hair out of her eyes, then plunks herself down to one of the two mismatched chairs at the table to face it. half out of boredom, and half out of want for company, olivia fishes out an almond from the little satchel of nuts and berries they'd stowed away for dumpy jr., holding it over the bright pink shell, attempting to coax him out. ]
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Sooo. Hey. Amazing news. [Her tone of voice suggests it is not in fact amazing.]
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action | sick of me yet

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[ packing had never been olivia's favorite part of any mission. these last few days before returning to oska had always been too tinged with a bittersweet "success" that never truly felt like a win when matched up with all the death and destruction they were leaving behind. that's partly why olivia doesn't make too much of a habit of taking many things back with her. memories of missions were always a little sullied when she thinks of the damage they'd done, so packing was kept to a minimum, just a few essentials, if at all, and a thing or two of sentimental value.

of course, that thinking, coupled with her general habit of keeping her earthly possessions to a minimum... and the irritability that the vaccine has instilled in her — it hasn't really made for the most productive of mornings. ]

Saffron — no!

[ she stands now, in the middle of the small living space they've got, currently engaged in an odd game of tug-of-war with the lion cub. both hands curled tight around one end of the fake, fluffy orange mane saffron had been sporting during his stint as a golden retriever, with the other end firmly locked in the lion's maw. ]

Stop this — you're being ridiculous!
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action | during kitty planet

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[ it's much, much later in the evening that finds olivia idly wandering down the path in terra felis' gardens, a faint white, fuzzy beacon in the faint moonlight. her steps are slow and quiet, quite pointedly aimless as she practically wears down a moat amidst all the flowers and greenery, but she doesn't seem at all concerned...

or all there, really. eyes somewhat blank, a distant, dazed-like expression slacking up her features. one might even think she were sleep-walking, if not for the occasional deep sigh that breaks the silence.

oh, and the singing. ]
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[delivery, 4/24]

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[In front of Vaughn's hotel room, he will find a small, yet beautiful decorated rose-flavored spongecake and a note. The note reads:

Vanilla Bean,

Thank you for coming to my party. This is for you and Olivia. :)


...despite the delicious appearance, the cake is mostly... fine. It isn't bad, but it could definitely use more sugar.

You try cooking without taste-buds.]
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voice / sometime during catte planet

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left on his desk in oska

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Dear Vaughn,

I hope you are doing well with your new team. It must have been very exciting for you, to venture off into something new and unknown. Soon, I will be doing the same, though it will only be for a few months, but I am already feeling quite nervous and anxious. Not for the first time, I wish I could have your optimism, or that you were here with me now, so that perhaps I could have some of your infectious wonder and passion for new things. Maybe then it will make my transfer that much more bearable.

I'm sorry we were not able to see each other again before departing. I would have liked to have given you a proper good-bye. I had looked for you, during the Recollection Day celebration here, but perhaps your team had been too busy on a mission. I hope this note finds you well, and that you do not think any less of me for having to resort to one. My new team leaves very soon, and I'm afraid if I do not go with them now, I never will.

I miss

I'm sorry

I hope we will see each other again someday. Thank you for all that you've done. I won't soon forget it.

All my best,
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[ sent literally the exact second he gets the notification that vaughn is transferred back to audentes, probably: ]

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