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SOME POINT DURING TIME BUGS idek; audio; un: fiona

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Important question: are you currently acting insane?
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Yes, like Rhys. [She's glad that she wasn't the only one disturbed by his behavior. And, you know, it's Rhys. That's saying a lot. His behavior is always a little off-kilter.] Let's hope it's not "brain poison," because that sounds like something that doesn't have a cure. But -- there have been a lot of kids around, did you notice that? So maybe... something with kids, would kids make him totally lose it?

[But also.]

Did you say he called you Angelo?
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some nebulous point after bugs, text!

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Hiiii... sorry for calling you Angelo. That's not even like a good name, you don't even look like an Angelo. And sorry for being a dick. Sorry about all of that stuff, just consider this a blanket apology.
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Yeah, sort of? It was more like he didn't recognize... himself. [She pauses for a second.] Do you remember he did this at the Atlas facility? Acted like a totally different person?
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Okay, see, I knew YOU'D understand. Fiona's super pissed at me. But no, I totally promise I will never call you Angelo ever again. I mean, if anything, you're more like a... Rodrigo.
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['What am I supposed to do,' oh, Vaughn. Fiona takes another second to herself, making sure to soften her tone when she continues.]

Look... I know you and Rhys are tight. But I think we need to consider that there is something seriously wrong with him.
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[VAUGHN, YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN RHYS. Too pure for this world.]

Don't beat yourself up about it. It's not like he's really open about whatever's going on. [She valiantly refrains from making a comment about chronic head injuries.] I'll see if I can get him to talk to you once he's... himself again. I can be pretty persuasive.
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[She meant more that she is planning on yelling at him until he listens to her, although...]

Hey, dude, we have to stick together. You're closer to Pandoran than anyone else on this team.
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Well. It's less what I said...

Actually. Tangentially related. Can I talk to you about something?
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[ On second thought, 'I'm basically losing my mind LOL txt it!' sounds awful, he can't force himself to do it. ]

Okay, this is actually more of an in-person thing, I guess. No, I know, it's definitely an in-person thing. Where are you?
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You're basically an honorary bandit by this point. Most offworlders wouldn't survive that long. [Congrats?? "Honorary bandit" is probably not something one should be proud of, but. It's a compliment, really.]

I guess my point is, I got your back. Don't worry.
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Uhhh I can come to your room unless you're scared I'm gonna call you Angelo and murder you or something. Which I am not.
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Haha. "Here lies Angelo, he was surprisingly ripped." Anyway. Okay. See you soon.

[ It's not that long before he's knock-knock-knocking on Vaughn's door, smiling weakly. ] Hiiiiiii... [ He grimaces a little; that 'hi' was way too long and way too awkward. Frowning, he repeats, shorter this time, ] Hi.

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